I have a Goodman furnace that was installed in 2006 and was working fine until I changed out the thermastat to a programmable one, which is a Hunter model 44155C. I matched all the colors with the correct letters except the blue with I am not sure where that goes. The old thermastat was wired and had no battery and worked just fine. I can not even get the blower to turn on. Where did I go wrong? Did I blow a fuse in the furnace. I checked the breaker and it is fine and not tripped and the batteries on the thermastat are bran new lithium batteries. The themastat is only a year old too. What else can I check in the furnace that I can fix myself? I can not afford a furnace repair person to come out and fix it. We have not had heat for five days and it is getting cold. Please help! Thank you