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    How do I change the heat strip staging on communicating system
    Goodman heatpump AVPTC airhandler with comfortnet communicating thermostat (4 wire) and 15KW heat strips. When its too cold for the heat pump and the electric heat is on, it kicks on low and I get about 88 degrees coming out the closest vent. If I manually bump the thermostat 2 or 3 degrees, the high heat kicks in and the temp is about 114 degrees coming out of the vent. I don't know if low is 5kw and high is 10kw? I think it is since low heat is only warm. I would like to either have low 10kw or the whole 15kw. How can I accomplish this?
    A) Even though I have a 4 wire thermostat RC12, do I jump w1/w2 at the thermostat block on the circuit board?

    B) Where the 3 wires from the heat strips plug into the top of the circuit board. C,W2, W1 (brown,white, blue) do I jump W1/W2 or unplug W2 from the socket and splice into W1?

    C) Unplug the W1 and W2 from their heat strip sockets and switch them?

    D) something else?

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