I just typed this and lost it through some Firefox glitch so typing it all over again.

I just disconnected my old White Rodgers Type 1F58-72 Thermostat which had the following connections.

Red - R
White - W2 - Auxiliary Heat Relay
Blue - B - Reversing vale energizes during heat
Yellow - Y - Compressor contactor
Green - G - Fan relay

The problem is that the Hunter 44660 programmable thermostat that my parents got me for Christmas (in lieu of socks) is missing tables A and B from pages 12 and 13 (according to verbiage in one of the steps) that maps wires to the new codes. The new codes are


As best I can figure, since Single Stage Heat pump is the only wiring diagram with Compressor Contactor connected, that I need to use that one. I do have a heat pump. (Payne PF1MNC037) .

Based on this I can map
G --->G
R ---> Rc1 with a jumper between Rc and Rh
Y --->Y1
B--->W/B because the old one was reversing valve energizes during heat

So two questions, where does the old W2 (Auxiliary Heat Relay) go to and beyond that, am I right? Im thinking W2 goes to W/B but that means two wires go to that terminal. I have googled to death trying to find Table A and B but no dice and no other descriptions of similar problems. I could buy another thermostat but that's just wasting this one. I had hoped the online version of the manual would have tables A and B but it doesn't and the French version didn't either, so they were consistent with their mistake.

The other thing throwing me is that the old thermostat says 2 stage heat 1 cool. Maybe it can be used for both depending on how its wired.

P.S. I am an average home owner.