I have a Hot Water zoned heating system. All zones are flowing except for 2. The zones that are not circulating have air in them and they appear to have an air lock.

I have Radiant floor heat on the first 2 levels of the house and baseboard heat on the 3rd floor bedroom.

I had a circulating pump go out and had it replaced last week, the contractor said that we had a lot of air in the lines and opened a valve from the hot water heater to fill the lines back up with water (this valve is suppose to automatically do this but for some reason did not). He was concerned that the 3rd floor baseboard heat might have an air lock and stayed around after getting it going to make sure it was circulating. Well he thought it was and left. Well there is no water going through the baseboard. I have tried to bleed the lines but still no water flowing through them. The one baseboard has a steady stream of water flowing our of the bleeder valve when I open it up and the other one had a lot of air come out at first and now just a trickle of water comes out, nothing like the other baseboard.

I do have 2 circulating pumps (because our house is 3 levels), the contractor said that one is pushing the water and one is pulling. The water pressure says it is 35 psi. I know that's high but that's what it has been set for and there is a arrow on the pressure gauge that is pointing at the 40 psi mark, the pressure release valve is not leaking. I just had the release valve replaced last week when they replaced the circulating pump. I also have 3 taco automatic air bleed valves set up on the different lines by the heater. I also have 2 hose bibs on the system as well.

The one that bleeds well is the second in line. Should I keep bleeding it even if I am getting a stream of water through it?

Should I keep bleeding the one that not a lot is coming out of? If so how long? I can isolate every line and shut each one off should I shut all but the one I am trying to bleed?

I all so have hose bibs on the return lines and the out going lines, can I bleed one of them?

I have also noticed that one of the 2 bedrooms that is heated with the radiant floor heat is not getting warm. I have 2 bedrooms on the one line and one gets hot and the other one is not. I am assuming that I Might have an air lock in that room as well. Any suggestions?

I just spent $500 to have the circulating pump replaced and I don't have another $500 or $1,000 to spend on it now.

I live in Alaska and it is cold right now we are suppose to be running -40 to -45 all week and I would like to get all the heat working in the house.