I have a Honeywell T841 A 1712 series model thermostat with a seven wire configuration. I've purchased a digital programmable Honeywell RTH230 B 1006 five wire configured thermostat. I’m running into some problems trying to identify how to wire the seven wire setup to a five wire thermostat.

My current T841 A 1712 model is configured with the adjustable heat anticipator. The wires are connected to (X,W2,R,G,Y,O, and E). This is similar to the T841 A 1720 wiring diagram setup for the T841 A “series” thermostat’s installation instructions that I’ve downloaded from the internet. Except for the (O) which does not appear in the T841 A 1720 wiring diagram. There are no examples that show my specific seven wire configuration.

It is easy to see how to wire the fan (G), cooling (Y) and heat (W) relays from the wiring diagram provided with the new RTH230B “series” thermostat. I think I’ve got the (Rh) heating pwr & (Rc) cooling pwr figured out. Which quires me to what I should do with the other two wires for the AUX heat & EM heat?

Is it possible to add additional black terminal connectors to support the extra two wires not identified in the Installation and Users guide that came with the new RTH230B “series” thermostat? Or, do I just tape them off and for get them?