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    Heat pumps
    Why do you simulate summer conditions when checking the charge

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Heat pumps [ 5 Answers ]

Ihad a heat pump put in 6 months ago and it has froze up twice and the compresser had to be replaced. The contractor told me it was my reusable filter and having a humidifer on my furnace that made it freeze up. He then put a module on my furnace to shut down the compresser at 32 degreesto help it...

Emergency heat ruud heat pumps? [ 1 Answers ]

Hi, Just bough a new house and it has a Ruud furnace and heat pump. The house was built in 1986 or so. On the thermostat I read heat and them Heat. What should it be set to? On heat only or Em Heat? Appreciate the advice.

Heat pumps in cold weather and using supplemental heat [ 2 Answers ]

Is it hard on a heat pump to use alternate heat source (kerosine heater,other) causing the heat pump to be off for long periods during the day and than allowing the unit to come on at night?

Heat Pumps [ 1 Answers ]

I live in Orlando I rarely use the heat should I go with a straight ac unit with out a heat pump and by not having a heat pump could you gain any seer. By having a heat pump that you rarely need is it more connection's that might go wrong

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