An HVAC guy just installed a Carrier 13 SEER heat pump, model number 25HBR, to heat/cool (forced air) the upstairs (10 ft ceilings) of my house (2800 sq ft) in the Washington DC area. The downstairs and basement are heated/cooled by a gas furnace/AC system. So far, I'm disappointed that the heat pump doesn't heat very well. When the temperature dipped below 30F at night, it took two hours in the morning to raise the upstairs temperature from 60F to 66F. The HVAC guy said that heat pumps work that way: they take a long time to heat, unlike the downstairs gas furnace. I've adjusted baffles and had him check the exchanger pressure (OK), fuses, etc , but the heat pump still takes a long time (hour or more) to raise the temperature from 59 to 66 the morning after modestly cool (<40F) nights. Is this to be expected? ILS^2 :confused: