I recently added a heat pump to my oil furnace and though the installers did a good job they disconnected some of the efficiency modules controlling the oil furnace. I've had them back to "repair" but they say nothing is wrong, but they're just looking at the heat pump.

I have a Keeprite oil fired warm air up-flow furnace model #OLF105A12B. The module they disconnected was a Honeywell AT20B1007. The module is still connected to the power supply but the output leads have been cut.

The leads were a white and black if that helps, though I'm not sure if it is colour coded. I should also not that my oil hot water was controlled by the furnace / module (so that it didn't run at the same time as the furnace) and all the wires have been trimmed except for the red and the white.

How do I connect this back up? Can I rely on the colour coding and just match up the wires? I assume that the thermostat lead goes to the heat pump controller first then to the furnace (i.e.: controls whether the heat pump or oil is to run). Can I just hook the heat pump output to the module first, then module to furnace at the spot the current heat pump lead would go? Or is it more complicated than that?

Any suggestions at this stage would be helpful as I really don't want to call the heat pump people and the oil people are going to charge me an arm and a leg!