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    Oct 1, 2013, 05:23 PM
    Heat pump defrost board
    My board was burnt so I bought a new one and as soon as I turned the power back on it burned up the new one. What is causing this. I bought another one and it did the same thing.

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I have an old GE heat pump (over 20 years old) that is I think about a 2 ton or 2.5 ton. The problem is that the A/C aspect is not working right now. I came home the other day to a very hot house. Seems the A/C was putting out heat. So... I shut it off. Then tried it again later. It comes on...

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I have a 20 year old 2 ton York E1FH heat pump with TXV on outdoor unit, but no TXV on indoor coil. The unit is prematurely entering defrost when in heat mode. Depending on the outdoor temp it is entering defrost at least every 15 minutes. I have 3 service ports two that leave the unit 3/8...

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I did it last year but I don't remember what I did. I remember making a jumper wire and jumping 2 terminals together with a jumper wire on the circuit board on the outside unit. Can anyone help me with this... Thanks

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I have a Carrier Heat Pump System. Itís about 5 years old and has functioned OK until this Christmas Eve. One problem is the condensing unit is not kicking back on after it goes into defrost mode. I found a 5AMP fuse blown in the attic unit and once replaced it functioned. At least for a day or two...

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Hopefully my question isn't redundant. Earlier this year I changed my thermostat from a manual to a programmable thermostat. The cooling and heating aspects seem to work fine but I have noticed that during the defrost cycle the aux heat doesn't appear to come on since I changed the thermostat. ...

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