My trane xl1400 heat pump has a problem with the aux heat kicking in all the time. My professional installers have been here 2 times and can not diagnose the problem. The aux heat just wants to kick in all the time. It can be 70 degrees inside the house and 70 degrees out side the house and if I raise the temp the 71 or 72 either will kick in the heat strips. My trane authorized guys tell me that it is comfort mode, so I asked them to change it to economy mode. The second trip they disconnected the heat strips except for the "defrost cycle". I don't want to be cold this winter (Columbia,SC) but I don't want outrageous bills either. My summer bills with record heat has been quite reasonable. Is there anything I can ask these guys before winter sets in. They said they would come back this fall and "take care of it".