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    Goodman Furnace Issue - Heater won't work, no fire

    Asked Jan 9, 2007, 07:41 PM 1 Answer
    My Goodman heater won't fire up. When I turn the heat on, the sequence of events:
    1) Small fan at top section turns on.
    2) Heating element turns on, bright red. The system sounds like it is trying to turn on.
    3) Then the bright red goes off. The fire does not light. The fan does not start
    4) Then the system sounds to shut down. After a minute the cycle starts back up.

    The red LED troubleshooting light stays on so that offers me no clue as to the problem.
    Does anyone know the problem? Is the gas valve bad? How do I check? How much does it usually cost? Thanks

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    1 Answer
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    Jan 9, 2007, 08:27 PM
    It does seem to be a problem with the gas valve. You can check with a voltmeter the solenoid that opens the valve to see if it is getting power when it is trying to start. If it is, then the solenoid it is bad and the part has to be replaced (I am not aware of any gas valve that could have the solenoid replaced only). If it is not getting power, then, trace back the wires to see where they go. Probably there is a relay problem that it is not working (this may require to replace the control board).

    A gas valve about $200+, a control board around the same...

    If you have access to the diagram and if you can post it, it would be easier to see what could be happening..

    I hope this helps..

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