Hi, I'm new to this forum and wonder if someone could help me out. I recently came home and noticed a bad smell in the house. I wondered if it was gas, but my wife described it as a burning rubber smell. This is what is happening. The furnace turns on. The flames are burning real good and everything seems OK. The blower turns on. However, it makes this annoying buzz and just keeps buzzing. After a little while (maybe 30-60 sec) the furnace shuts down (i.e. the fames go out). I conclude that the furnace shuts down because it detects that the blower isn't blowing. This cycle just continues over and over. I checked for loose wires and tightened the connections on the thermostat. I recently had a heating guy come out to check the level of carbon monoxide. He said that it was excellent. 1-2 parts per million I think. Also, I replaced my old honeywell thermostat about a month ago. The furnace worked fine until now. Maybe I hooked something up wrong and it took until now to "burn" some wiring. I wondered if I connected the wires up correctly.

Here are the specs:

Goodman gas furnace (1993)
GMPN080-4 Rev B

Hunter thermostat 44155C

Any thoughts would be helpful... our home warranty just expired 4 days ago. Funny how that happens. Thanks.