Hey everyone...

I have the above primary control on the Beckett AFII 85 burner on my furnace. It appears to be bad... there is 120V supply to it, and it will buzz when the furnace is on, but after a few seconds it pops the red button.

The oil-burner fan/pump motor never runs, and I started there and removed the motor and bench-tested it, as well as cleaning the heck out of the oil pump (it's an A2VA-7116), which really needed it anyhow. My annual service guy cleans the big filter, but I've never seen him touch the pump.

Anyhow, all of this seems to be fine, so I put a meter on the ORANGE wire coming out of the Honeywell control, which I believe should show 120V to start the burner motor and ignition transformer. There is no voltage there.

The relay inside moves, clicks and looks fine. I see no obvious issues (burnt spots etc) anywhere on the board.

It appears this exact part is not used anymore, and indeed I'm not sure I really need a 40VA transformer on this thing (gets warm all the time, uses a lot of power?)

What is the best/correct modern replacement?



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