I have read several posts with regard to my gas log (NG)pilot won't lite. I have determined that there is gas to the gas valve by opening the connection and turning on the main gas valve at the fireplace. I have held the pilot light button in for extended periods, but it just won't lite. I also opened the pilot light gas connection at the back of the gas valve, held the pilot light button in, and there was no sign of gas at that point of the system. I understand if the thermocouple were involved, ie; bad, then the pilot would lite, but would go out immediately. Correct?
I would point out that this gas log has been used only a couple of times since I have owned the house (3+years) so it did lite last season. My point is, it worked last year. So I am wondering what the chances are that the "gas valve" is bad. Do they often go bad? I think this is a low end log set, if that makes a difference.
If you folks feel that it is the gas valve that is causing the problem, can I buy one and replace it myself? How much do they usually cost? I couldn't see any identification information anywhere on the unit.
The log set has a thermostat on it as well which shuts the log set down when it reaches a preset temp... which is always kind of aggravating. The major reason I haven't used it much... just when I get to enjoying the warmth and the fire, it goes out, and won't come back on until that thermostat/thermocouple installed in the opening (on the side, not the top)of the fireplace. Just a little more information as to why I don't use it more. Although I would like to. I appreciate any information you might be able to give me.