The photo in the URL below is of my furnace intake / exhause. It's a 90+percent efficiency gas forced air furnace, direct vent out the sidewall of the house. The pipes are 2.5" sched 40 pvc. The one on the left is the intake, one on the right is the exhaust. As you can see, I'm having the house re-sided, and the installation of these pipes (not me, it's probably 15 years old) was done very poorly and it is unsightly. They're not level in the least, there's primer dripping all over the place, its just a mess.

Here's the question / issue: I want to dress this up and make it more clean/neat, so I want to cut the pipes off at the exterior wall to allow the siding to go on, then replace the pipes. I know that I can't replace this with a stainless "pipe in a pipe" setup because the furnace intake & exhaust pipes are on different locations of the actual unit in the basement. So I'm stuck with PVC coming out of the wall. Is there a formula that dictates the distance the exhaust must be away from the intake, or different elevations, etc (aside from the 10' from an operable window, etc)? I have to believe that there is a way to make this look better than it is now. Thanks

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