Hi. I have a gas furnace, not sure of the brand. It is blowing cold air. When I watched it go 'on' before, here's how it generally works - the pilot light ignites, then generally several seconds later the furnace 'catches', makes a low rumble and starts sending warmer air through the vents.

Right now the pilot light ignites but the furnace catch (the rumbling sound) doesn't happen. At that time it starts blowing out air... cold air.

This has happened a few times... last year... but only when it was windy/raining... as it has been the last few days here.

I've tried turning the off switch and turning off the thermostat then restarting the thermostat and flipping the on swithch of the furnace. Still cold air.

The furnace is upright, in a closet, with a vent pipe going through the roof. That's about as technical as I get. Do you think the wind/rain is keeping the furnace from 'catching' ?