I have a comfortmaker furnace(model# GUG141A020IN) I have been working on this thing for 2 Days. Came home house cold, when I turn up thermostat "nothing", jumped it at furnace and it cycles up as normal. Now get this, if I turn up the temp and flip the switch from heat to OFF and flip it back to HEAT the thing fires up (sometimes) and runs as normal until it reaches the set temp, once it reaches the set temp it cycles off as normal. BUT when the temp drops below the hold temp, the thermostat calls for heat but the furnace does out respond until I go back through the afortmentioned routine. I've changed the control board and thermostat and still have the same problem. Furnace supply guy thinks it may be the relay(does anyone agree). I got a strong feeling that it is something simple that's KICKING MY BUTT... HELP and yes I know for the money I've spent I could've has it serviced.