I have YORK furnace model N1VSD10A06.
Today the furnace fan stopped working. When I set the thermostat Fan switch to ON, and I am next to the furnace I can hear the fan trying to start but it can not and just makes humming sound, and a bit of vibration.
When I turn the Fan switch to OFF the sound (and vibration) stops.

I can rotate with hand the blower and it moves freely. There is not resistance or anything to obstruct it movement.

Some of the diagrams that I have for this unit show run capacitor. I took out the motor but I do not see anywhere a single big capacitor. I opened the motor back cover and there are two big capacitors inside, each 680 uF, soldered to the control board (the one inside the motor).

Any suggestions what should I check? To me it looks like the motor is gone, but maybe I am wrong.
BTW the motor is GE BW02.