My furnace has not been used in a year. Just today, I filled up on oil. I have a Beckett oil furnace, model AFG Oil Burner. I am a single female, and I don't know ANYTHING about the furnace. I live in my deceased grandfather's house and I do not know the history of the furnace, only that it was installed in 2004. Well, after filling up with oil, I went to the basement, clicked on the power and it started right up. After about an hour, I noticed the house wasn't getting warm and went I checked a vent, the air coming out was cold. So, I went back downstairs, and there's a green light flashing on the front of the furnace. There's a red button under the flashing green light. There's a small set of instructions located right beside the red button that says if the green light is on, then its ready and is ignited. If the green light is flashing, its in "lockout". Now what does this mean? It says to push the red light to reset the lockout, and when I do that, the green light just continues to flash. What could possibly be wrong? I found out that the guy who installed it is in jail for attempted murder... great, huh?! Is there anything that I can do to solve the problem without calling someone out for a service call? Should I contact the Beckett company? Please help! I'm cold!! :mad: