Hoping for help here. I recently had my ignitor replaced. Before that, the furnace wasn't working at all. Now it starts blowing warm (not hot) air, then gradually over a period of a couple of hours, the air cools down until it is completely cold and the temperature in the house drops drastically. The repairman who installed the ignitor advised me to reset a switch on the side of the furnace when this happens... turn it off and then on again. This works as a temporary fix, then in a couple more hours, cold air again. It seems no one is interested in fixing my furnace, only in selling me a new one, although not a single person has been able to tell me exactly what is wrong and how much it would cost to fix it. I don't have any knowledge in this area but I also don't want to spend thousands that I don't have on a new furnace if it's not necessary. Please help! I just want to make a well-informed decision.