Hi all,

I found this forum full of helpful answers, so I'm hoping will be able to get some ideas on what could be wrong with my heating system.

Iam using forced air furnace, that was working fine last year blowing hot air. However, this fall soon after turning it on, cycle starts but blowing the cold air first for like few minutes, and then heats up blowing more warm to hot air. Once I turn it off, fan is still working for few minutes, again blowing cooler air before it stops.

Also, the following is still puzzle to me, since Im not familiar with the whole Heating/AC system, there are two vents in two different rooms that hot air is coming from, and one seem to be blowing in full force, while another one is mild almost no air coming out, although when you put your hand in it, you can feel the warm air. Also, there is vent toward the outdoors (balcony) that seems to be blowing hot air at the same time, way stronger that I can get in this room.

Any ideas as to what could it be, and what parts might need inspection?

Thanks for all your advices,