My central air fan will not turn on I had my capacitor check and it is OK I have another big thing that look like a big capacitor but it wires do not go to the fan I took it off to check it to but it is Sunday. I also took the fan off and was going to have it check on Monday. The air conditioner is a Signature very old but has always run good and it is my mother and father and they are 85 and not a whole lot of money to put in a new one in. There are no wires off I check. The compressor comes on but the fan does not. It runs all the time when the air conditioner runs and every thing is turn on at the thermostat so that is OK. Does anyone know how I can check that fan motor with out an ome miter or a volt meter. And what else could it be or am I doing this right. Also what is the big thing I took off that looks like a big capacitor it has the name fuse on it and that is all I can read it is rusted.