Blower will only come on when in "ON" position. "Auto" position will not cause it to go on. One can hear the thermostat click (basically saying its time to kick in) but the blower will not commence until I manually set it to "ON". At first, I thought it was thermostat so I replaced it with a programmable one I wanted anyway, but the same issue. After turning off the power, I checked connections of wires from thermostat to the blower and back to furnace. All seem tight. All other zones work fine except for this one blower for my bedroom. I've read in past threads something about a relay being the culprit. I'm no expert, but there seems to be only one relay for all three zones... I may just be missing something, but if it works fine for the other 2, why is my bedroom having issues. Anything else I should check? Thanks much.