Got home from the Brewer game this afternoon and noticed the house was warm(78). Outside was 91. I checked the T-stat and it was set correct. Noticed the air vents weren't blowing anything. Went outside and the condenser and fan was running fine. Then I went downstairs to the furnace unit to see what I could find out. Seems like power is going into the transformer but not coming out to fan motor. Didn't check with volt meter, just a electricity present pen? Don't know the correct name for that gadjet but I like it.
The blower motor and capacitor were replaced this past winter by me(the previous one was 6+yrs old). In June I had a service call because A/C condenser was not kicking in and blower was running constant. Turned out there was a blown 30amp fuse outside and inside the technician wrapped on the transformer with a screwdriver because it wasn't clicking in and out like it should be. After he did that he said it was working correctly. I wouldn't have believed it had I not been watching him. He said this is what caused the blower to run constantly. He said this might need replacing or it could go for awhile. I told him to leave it be. While he was outside he also spotted a worn contactor and asked me if I wanted it replaced and I said sure. I'm thinking it's that transformer that needs replacing. Looks like it one separate piece on top of the electrical box on inside of unit frame(right side). Any Help is appreciated, Thank you. The unit is a Magic Chef(1988).