I have natural gas heat (nothing else, just heat). Every now and then I'll smell the faint oder of natural gas for just a few seconds, then it's gone.
I only smell it when I'm sitting at my desk which happens to be above the furnace under the house. There is a loose baseboard with a slight draft
But the oder comes and goes so quickly that I cannot confirm if its coming from under the house or not.
I've had my husband and a few other people smell under the house and they said they didn't smell anything. But like I said it comes and goes within seconds.
I have a carbon monoxide alarm plugged in right where I smell the oder and it has never gone off, even when I smell it.
I know what natural gas smells like and this oder smells like natural gas to me.
Since no one else smells it and the alarm has never gone off, my husband does not want to have anyone come out to check it.
Could there still be a leak and the alarm not go off? Or is there something
Else that smells like natural gas that I don't know about?

EDIT I just turned my heat off because I smell it every time it comes on, but this alarm I have is not going off. Is there a reason for this?