Hello - pardon my lack of knowledge about AC units, but I figured this site is a good way to double-check my AC repairman's diagnosis. My AC wasn't cooling and last year they added more freon and I was supposed to schedule a freon leak check but I never did it. Well, same time this year my AC is no longer cooling properly and I had them do the freon leak check. They noticed that there are leaks on the outside unit from shoddy installation. He also noticed that my evaporator coil is very dirty and that I have several leaks on the inside unit. He's suggesting that I get a new coil and new front end (not sure of the exact term) to fix the leaks.

The prior owner purchased the Rheem AC units in 2003 but they are 2001 units. The original invoice says it has a 5 year Rheem parts warranty. The AC guy explained to me that sometimes AC repair companies sell older AC units so they don't have to return them back to the manufacturer before the unit expires, even though it's never been used. He did say that because my invoice says the parts warranty is for 5 years, I'm still covered even though the unit was produced in 2001 since the prior owner of my condo purchased the units in 2003.

They quoted me at $599 for the new coil and front end and to fix the leaks on the outside unit and $100 for the freon leak check. He said the $599 is AFTER the parts warranty.

I have 2 questions:
1) Does that price sound right? I thought I would have to pay much less if parts are already under warranty. The AC guy said that the parts are around $1500 or so...
2) Do I really need a new evaporator coil? Why can't I just have it cleaned and then have the leaks fixed on the front of my AC with new parts/soldering?