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    Jan 21, 2019, 12:48 PM
    Dunkirk dxl 100 boiler water heats up but not circulating
    Water heats up but doesn't seem to be circulating

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I have a question that I believe (and hope) is related to the filling of the boiler rather than a mechanical problem with the circulator itself. Since draining/refilling the hot water boiler, the heated water has not been traveling to all pipes. Some pipes are extremely hot and others are ice...

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My heat pump heats just fine, and the air handler is working, but it won't do the A/C in summer. I had this problem with another hp and it turned out to be the thermostat. Are there other things I should consider before replacing the thermostat? Ducts are being cleaned.

Boiler heats, but no hot water coming from the tap. [ 7 Answers ]

Hi, I have an old type immersion heater/boiler (some relic from the 1980's). It heats up water, the radiators fill with hot water fine, and maintain heat, but, I have no hot water running through the hot water pipes, leading to the taps, and no hot water coming out of the taps. Can anyone please...

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I have a dunkirk Gas boiler. It has been working sporadically lately. Specifically it fires And burners flame on then shut off. I'll turn off power switch and repeat the process And the results are the same. My neighbor came over and bled the system ,removing Sediment that was showing in glass...

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Dunkirk boiler pwb-5d , and an aquastat l8148e. Replyed After checking to be sure no other control is wired into the aquastat and has failed replace the aquastat contro always double check all circuits Don't know how to reply to the answer so I am doing it like this , So can I safely run the...

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