All right! :D Found the problem, now I need some guidance. I posted an earlier question about my unit running and cooling, but having little airflow. I have finally found the culprit - now I need some help fixing it.

I was looking at the blower thinking that was the problem, but happened to look past it into the return and the duct has collapsed on the inside (I was under the house earlier and the outside of the duct is fine). I hadn't noticed it before because every time I checked in there the unit had been off for some time and it had deflated - this morning I had the A/C running and turned it off to look at the blower, so it was almost immediate. The inner plastic lining has been blowing up like a diaphragm, covering the intake from the register. I do not want to try and make a permanent fix myself, but only want a temporary until a professional can fix it.

What can I do to keep the lining from blowing up in the duct? Can I try and poke another hole in it to let the air flow through it? I put a aluminum (paint roller) pole in to try and hold it down, but the force is so strong it still covers the duct. Any ideas fellas?