I was wondering if any one out there could help me out. I bought a used house last year and this summer we had to have some body come out and look at our AC unit for it was not cooling down the house and it kept on running. I called my home warranty company and they sent out a company they replaced my thermostat. That did not work so I called back again and they sent the same company out. This guy got on my roof put what they said 1/2 pound of R-22 in the unit and then he was done. He gone with in 10 to 15 mintues. That did not work. I called them back and the same company but the head guy came out and said there was nothing wrong with my unit it was OK. I called my warranty company back and they were suppose to send a different company out and did not. Now I is winter time and I had no heat and the unit would not turn on at all. Then I called a different company out cause the one that came out said they were going to charge me when it was there mess up. This other company came out and removed 2 pounds of r-22 from my unit and cleaned it all up in the inside and got my heat working.

What I need to know is that my unit is 13 years old any ways and I was hoping to have it last me at least a couple of years but from what this new guy told me is that it will not last cause by this other company adding too much r-22 in it that it has shortened my life span on my unit and might have cuased more damage.

Is this true?

Please help!!