I recently had a brand new Bryant oil-furnace installed in September. I was downstairs doing laundry when I looked up and just glanced at the Damper. I noticed that it was off of it's hinge on the left side. Upon looking further, I noticed that there was no hinge at all! The part to allow the damper to swing on the left side was non-existant and it was stuck partially shut (not all the way) and crooked.

I contacted the heating contractor and explained the situation. Knowing it was just intalled less than 60 days ago, I should not have to pay for any parts OR labor. Whats funny is that if the part was originally there when they installed it, I would see it laying in the damper stack somewhere but I see no loose parts.

My question is, they cannot come out for another 2 days (Wednesday). My heater is working and needs to be on, for I live in the Northeast. I need to know where I should set the damper so it runs ok until they get here to fix it. Should I keep it closed? Open? Half and half?