Help!. I am completely confused on why my portable generator will not start my furnace! When I connect the wiring I have power to the furnace but it will not start.
I have tried everything and could use some help please.
Here is what I have... a single black and white wire (from the main power supply) that connect to a black and white wire from the furnace. There is also a yellow wire that connects to the white wire from the furnace. This yellow wire goes to the combustion blower... that's it. The power line coming from my generator has a three prong wire. Not sure why there is not a ground wire going that connects any of the wires between the house current and the furnace... just the 3 furnace wires and 2 main power supply wires. Again, when I start the generator, I do have ample power
At the furnace, it just won't start. Any help would be much appreciated!