I have a 2 ton Luxaire central air cond. I installed it myself. The line set was 25 feet long, which is 10 feet longer than the pre-charge was for. I assumed that I would have to add freon-R22. Now, after my a/c runs for a couple of hours the comp. gets hot and won't come back on until it cools. I came to this conclusion because the cond. Fan was running and I had 240 volts to the comp, but it would not run until it cooled. I am hoping that an over or under charge would cause this. What should I do. I have the tools that I need, I just don't know what to do. Also my blower motor speed on the furnace can be changed to 3 different speeds. Is that a factor in this? Right now the low side is 80lbs of pressure and the high side is at 275lbs of presssure and at low blower speed it will sweat back to the comp

Thank You!