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    Jul 25, 2008, 05:45 PM
    choosing heat pump and air handler package
    My trane xl1000 compressor died and I am obtaining quotes from several sources on a replacement air handler and heat pump.

    Here are my choices:

    From quote A:

    We can install a Bryant model FX4CNF030 air handler with a 20kw heat package and a Bryant model 265ANH030 heat pump condenser for $5910.00.

    The $5910.00 includes the following:

    The air handler listed above.
    The heat pump unit listed above
    The 20kw heat package
    A line set to connect the condenser to the coil.
    Adapting to the existing wiring and drain.
    Adapting to the existing ducting.
    Adapting to the existing supply and return plenums.
    Addition of one (1) supply to the new room.
    Addition of one (1) return in the hall area.
    One (1) thermostat for temperature control.
    One (1) pad with risers for the outdoor unit to set on.

    As an option, we can install a Bryant 13 seer system, model FY4ANF030 air handler and model 123ANA030 heat pump for the price of $5180.00. This price includes all accessories as listed above for the 15 seer unit.

    The warranties on the above equipment is 10 years on the compressor and 5 years on parts. We give you 1 year labor.

    As an option, you can purchase a five year warranty for labor on both pieces of equipment for $50.00 per unit. This would cover 5 year labor on the air handler, and the heat pump, not on the coil.

    Also as an option, you can purchase a 5 year extended warranty on the parts for $20.00 per piece of equipment. Again, does not cover the coil.

    I asked about a maytag 1200 unit and they replied:

    The Maytag 13 seer with 12 year parts and labor warranty would be $5340.00.

    From quote B:

    Westinghouse 2.5 ton FT4BD030 heat pump
    B5BMY30 air handler
    2.5 coil BMY30
    15KW heat strip
    14 seer
    new line for 410A
    digital five function thermostat

    1 yr labor, 10yr parts, 10 yr compressor

    for $5,568.00 or $5,798.00 10yr parts & labor


    quote C:

    2.5 ton maytag 1200 $5400.00 complete
    12 year parts and I think labor
    5 year dependability
    10KW heat strip
    R22 or 410A doesn't matter


    cheaper unit for $4200.00 complete
    M120 unit
    DT5BD030KA Heat pump
    MB5MT30KA Air handler
    10KW strip heat
    new thermostat
    12 yr parts
    1 yr labor
    1yr dependability promise


    quote D:

    Excel would like to propose replacing your existing heat pump with a Payne 2 1/2 ton R-410 system, including the following. Air handler in the attic, strip heaters, duct connections-insulated-drain connections, refrigerant piping, electrical outdoor disconnect/fused,heat pump pad, adding 1-return air grille in the hallway to allow for proper airflow,install 1-6" damper to the bedroom with too much airflow,electrical wiring, 10 year parts and labor warranty,digital thermostat: Total Investment$4945.00 To upgrade to a variable speed air handler-add $767.00-this system is a 13 SEER.

    The payne was a PH10GA030


    A Tempstar for $5400.00 N4H030 model - I think he offered a carrier for $1,000.00 more.


    Lastly I received a quote over the phone from our commercial contractor that said a payne 2.5 ton R-22 unit - he would install for $3300.00 and if needed a new line set he would just charge ~$200.00 for it(50 ft)

    ************************************************** *

    Basically I am at a loss, given all the information I have read on your post and other information I am not sure which unit to have installed.

    I would like to know which would be the best choice given the installers are all equally qualified.

    I think the one that quoted the tempstar and payne is asking too much, I have no internet data to let me know the pricing on the Bryant, westinghouse, and maytags - seem to block internet pricing data.

    Payne seems too cheap, only 5 yr warranty BUT than again will it last ten years, or will the Bryant,westinghouse, maytag last 15 years.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Jul 25, 2008, 06:55 PM
    You need to find out about these extended warranties. If the person you buy from goes out of business who does the warranty work. Some distributors only let you use the person that installed the equipment and this is really bad if you are not satisfied with there work in the first place.

    Getting too many bids can really work on a guys mind.
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    Jul 25, 2008, 06:57 PM
    As an option, we can install a Bryant 13 seer system, model FY4ANF030 air handler and model 123ANA030 heat pump for the price of $5180.00. This price includes all accessories as listed above for the 15 seer unit.

    The 15 seer unit has a multi speed motor that will cost you 6 to 8 bucks to replace when it goes bad, not worth it,, the difference in the seer 15 to 13 is not enough for you to see the difference in your operating cost,, but 15 seer costs a lot more,with more complicated parts need,, the problem I see is a 2.5 ton a/c is that going to be big enough ? Did they do a schedule J to determine what you needed ? The better warrenti is best for you,, the best installer is very important
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    Jul 26, 2008, 05:48 AM

    I have two split systems. One in the attic -this one went bad, and one in the basement. I figured the CFM using this formula:

    (Sq. Ft. Room x Ceiling height) / 12
    All rooms together based on my measurments came out to be 1008
    Then divided by 400 CFM per ton to get 2.5 Ton

    I Originally had a two ton unit in and am adding an extra 1/2 ton for the replacement. The contractors that came and inspected did not do an assessment but did count the runs and returns.

    The conclusion was to add an extra return and in the room that was added above the garage to add an extra run to that room.

    An outstanding question is whether to replace the two ton basement unit at the same time, but from what I have read from post on this site is that it would just be best to let it go until it fails and then replace it then.

    Main question is still the issue though - which one is the best and I am leaning toward the 13 seer units - just want to get more accurate on the pricing, etc in order to make a better choice. OR - does the payne builder grade serve the purpose even though it only has a five year warranty. Does R-22 or R-410A really matter - it seems if you can get a good contractor then the R-410A would be the way to go seeing that it cost the same as R-22 now and will remain cheaper in the future.
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    Jul 26, 2008, 08:19 AM
    R-22 or R-410A really matter (quote)
    If it put in correctly,you shoud never have to worry about the cost of freon it doesn`t wear out and should be there as long as the units last., If I was you and was leaning toward the 13 seer equipment,, I would call the guys back, and get another quote on 13 seer only,, then you can look at the simpiler choices and decide, again strongly consider the ones with the best warranty and the more experanced installation,, (my opinion the 13 seer is the best route to take the cost difference in the higher seer units isn`t worth the differance) as far as yearly operating cost,and they have less parts to go bad
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    Jul 26, 2008, 07:52 PM
    If a salesman tells you that you can save 10% 0n a 15 S.E.E.R. unit just remember that that saving is just on the power that you use to run the A.C. Unit, so if your monthly elec bill is $100 and 20% of that is for the AC that means that you will save $10 dollars so9 how long will it take you to pay the difference in to price of a 13 and a 15?
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    Jun 18, 2009, 09:46 PM

    In my opinion, it would be easier and cheaper to just use window A/C units and a floor furnace. I cannot BELIEVE both the Cost and Problems people have with these damn complicated central A/C units and Heat pumps and furnaces! Why not simplify your life?

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