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my central air conditioner unit ( outside) does not work.. .. When i apply power to the unit the fan does not turn on but the unit makes a buzzing sound every 15 seconds or so .. it sounds like it wants to start but cannot .. if i stand beside the unit, the fan does not turn but every 10-20 seconds i here a buzzing sound and then it quits

-- can you tell me what could be wrong with the unit and identify what part(s) will need to be replaced

or can you tell me what trouble shooting tips you can give to identify what part is needed

I'll try to keep this as short as possible but I've been fighting the problem for over a month now and it's getting a tad warm here in Las Vegas. My problem is very similar to MSdavid's.

I had a similar problem last July and the A/C repair guy replaced the run capacitor which resolved the problem until last month. The biggest difference is that presently (and last year) the fan won't start up and run. The biggest difference between my problem and MSdavid's is that I can give the fan a manual "flip" and then the fan will get up to speed and run -- for a while. Last year the flip would get things going until the thermostat was satisfied. Now, the unit runs for just a few minutes and then shuts down.

I had the repairman check it last month and he quoted $500 to replace the fan motor. He installed a different run capacitor and that didn't help. Being retired and on limited income, I couldn't afford that so I purchased a new motor and intalled it myself. The problem persists.

So, my question is, what should I suspect now? With both a new capacitor and new motor I'm stymied.