Here's the story... BTW, I know absolutely nothing about Central Air Units, so please bear with me on this -- My AC in my house was running non-stop this past summer-like weekend here in NJ. I have one part of the unit in my attic hanging on brackets from the rafters (is it called the handler?) and the compressor is outside next to the house. Last night the unit in the attic was iced up when I went up to have a look at it noticing my water pans were full. When I turned the thermostat to OFF position the unit in the attic started to leak badly for a several minutes, so I put a larger tub under it to catch the water and left the AC off all night. The following morning I noticed a humming noise outside where my compressor is located. I went outside to see that the compressor was still running, as if the AC in the house is still on (but it's not). I also noticed that it's coils were frozen as well. I turned off it's power source via the circuit breaker and left for work hoping that maybe it was just frozen to the "ON" position and that it will thaw (79 degrees today). Well, when I got home in the late afternoon, I flipped the Circuit breaker back on and sure enough the compressor went back on when it should be off. I don't really need the AC too much longer as winter soon approaches, but I would like to know what could be happening so I could fix it for next summer. Thank you for reading this! :confused: