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    Nov 15, 2009, 08:35 PM
    Carrier Weather Maker 800 need minor fix
    I had a maintenace contract for my Carrier Weather Maker 8000. It was working perfectly. The maintenance contractor is always trying to sell me either a new air conditioner or a furnace because the units should be "very old". Actually they are eight year old and are working perfectly. Last visit the service person showed me a black line in the housing (I do not know the real name of this part, is simple like a metal tube) where the thermostat sensor is lodged. He said that the black line was a sign of a crack, and I would need to replace the whole furnace. I could not see any crack. He tried to sell me a new unit for $8,000.00. He disabled the pilot and made some other changes so the furnace could not work. He said he is required by law to disable the unit, otherwise they would be responsible for a CO intoxication that could occur because of the crack.

    I think a technician could replace the part if really damaged. Could someone help me to decide if I really need to buy a new furnace or to have the current unit repaired?

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    Nov 15, 2009, 08:55 PM

    Call in another licensed HVAC repairperson and have him thoroughly check out your present unit. Don't mention what the other guy said to you about it at all.

    I think the guy you had was trying to "persuade" you into purchasing a new unit when it is not needed.

    Carrier is a good company. I had a Carrier electric a/c furnace for years and it worked just fine even if it was old.
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    Nov 15, 2009, 10:11 PM

    Carrier may have a lifetime heat exchanger warranty in which case, it may only cost you labor.

    Can you post a picture of the "defective part"? Use "go advanced/manage attachments" to do so.

    Call a Carrier dealer.
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    Nov 16, 2009, 01:10 AM
    This just sounds like another sales job for a new furnace to me.
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    Nov 16, 2009, 04:10 AM
    The heat exchanger is warranted for at least 20 years, limited lifetime if you are the original owner. Seek out an honest HVAC contractor and have them perform an inspection. Don't mention the prior diagnosis. If no failure is detected, the shut-down by the previous contractor may be tactical, to pressure you into replacement.

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