Hi all,

I have this Carrier HVAC but its not blowing any heat at all. Cooling is fine. The burner and fan start as I can hear the fan and flame starts but it cuts off.

I turned off the circuit breaker to reset it and try to re-start. It did re-start, blow air, starts the furnace but it shutdown again (even it is set to highest temperature possible) after 1 minute of so and won't start until it is resetted. Also a red LED label W1 is lit when it shutsdown. Damper 1,2 & 3 is also lit up before it shutdown. I have switch the control from upper and lower level contolling only upper level but it still didn't work.

The furnace is on the attic arounf 65F outside temp.

Any idea?? I'm not so familiar with HVAC but I can read schematics. What do you think is the cause of heat.