I have a Tempstar furnace. It is a natural gas furnace and the gas valve and the electrical parts are Honeywell (Gas Valve VR8204M1075, Control Module ST9120C4057, Ignition Module S8600M1005). The furnace is about 10 years old. When I tried to turn it on for the first time this year it would ignite for a bit and then go out and then repeats that cycle. The main burners ignite and the pilot stays on. I changed the pilot mechanism (with the igniter and sensor) and it still does the same thing. I've realized that the first time it turns on after being off a while it'll run for about a minute and then the off/on cycles get progressively more rapid until it just flicks on and shuts off. The filter is brand new and the blower comes on and works fine. It's just the burners keep turning off. Could it be that it's overheating somehow or a sensor thinks it's overheating, like the limit control? Any ideas would be great