Hi, I was out all day and when I came home my house was freezing and the furnace wasn't on. It's a Bryant Plus 80t according to the front panel, but the online manual shows different pictures and descriptions when I look that up. The LED status is flashing 4 short, 3 long, which doesn't match to any of the codes listed on the front cover. When I put the front cover back on (or just hold in the button that the cover depresses) the furnace will start up for 10 seconds or so, then get louder as the next component starts up, and that's when the LED status starts going. I never see any fire in the burner holes. After a few minutes running like that it shuts off again. I tried power cycling it and turning the gas off and back on, but same thing happens and now my thermostat is off too.

Appreciate any help, it's freezing in here. 2009 is off to a bad start.