Hi all! I've been reading the posts regarding fuses blowing in the secondary voltage circuits on Bryant furnace/blowers. I blew the 3 amp fuse in this circuit two weeks ago on my gas Bryant furnace. Repairman diagnosed the problem using the flashing led light (2 fast, 4 slow). He replaced the fuse and the problem was solved... for about a day. Then the fuse blew again overnight. I replaced it myself the second time but now it has been blowing every few days or so and this morning it blew and now every time I replace it, the new one blows immediately after the front panel is replaced and the system is turned on. I've checked the wiring that I can access (mainly the red and blue wires to and from the transformer) and everything appears to be normal. I have a new thermostat on order and will try that when it is delivered but could the transformer be bad? Do transformers ever have problems? The system is 8.5 years old and have never had any problems. I am a bit curious that it never had a problem, then it blew a fuse... then 3 days later again, then every few days and now every time. A definite progression/accelerating trend. I am a bit of an electrical noob. I can replace fuses and thermostates and check wiring but beyond that I am lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!