We have a bryant 90 furnace which is new since 2007. Two years ago we had to replace the Honeywell zone control model HZ311, Furnace control module model using ICM282, and what I believe is a gas control valve. 24v with numbers 36E24 210 #EF32CW201. They were replaced due to what was believe to be a power surge or lightning strike. Last year the purge sensor failed. The technician indicated this was not a very quality sensor and bypassed the switch as he indicated that if they put in a new one it would fail within a few years as well.
In the last couple of weeks the heating system has failed to ignite/turn on. This is noticed when the home temperature is getting cold. The zone controller shows system on but it is not. I recycle the main electrical circuit breaker for the furnace off for 30 secs and back on. Approx 1-2 min later they furnace reboots and works normaly. This has happened three times since November. The furnace system is controlled by a three zone thermostat system. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks for your help, Tom