I have a Bryant 383KAV. When I install the bottom panel the blower runs for about 90 seconds. Once the blower runs for 90 seconds, the inducer fan will start up and then I hear the click that would typically begin the process of heating up the Ignitor. After about 7 seconds or so, I can hear/smell Gas seeping out into the chamber, but it obviously doesn't ignite because the Ignitor isn't getting red. At that point it gives me a Error code of 34. I used a long match and ignited the chamber from a distance once I heard the gas coming out and the Furnace fired right up and seemed to stay lit. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could check? I assume its something to do with the ignitor. Do I try to replace the Ignitor? Is this a difficult task? Could it be something with the computer/board? I would just hate to replace the Ignitor if it was something silly like a fuse or loose wire or something like that. Please advise. Its getting cold here in Ohio!