Dear Reader from Ask Me:

I have a Oil Heating system almost 10 year old with a Beckett Oil Burner. It has been very loud from the day One.

RWB -Beckett Model AFG .

I am wondering if a new Burner would be any quiter?
Another problem I have is it starts works for a while stops and all of a sudden restarts for one or 2 seconds and then stops again.

If it will start after stopping why would it start? Is there 2 sets of controls on this I wonder?

The unit is with a Hot water coil in it and heats the 1 family house with water not steam system.

Can anyone e mail me some tips how to make this system quiter please? My e mail is

I bet I will be getting tons of e mails.

I don't mind the e mails hope we can get to the bottom of this.

Beckett I am told a very good company would they replace the burner I wonder? (Meaning just the head- blower motor?).

Thank you kindly


PS Changing the motor might cost $300.00 I am not sure if it will be any quiter?

Does Grainger carry these replacemant units?