Hello, In my breezeway between the house and garage I have a finished room 15x20. In it is an old (at least 25 years) electric baseboard for heat. When I use it I can almost see the faces of the guys at the electric company smile as the bill goes way up as it sucks down the kilowatts. I am looking at replacing it with a newer baseboard heater and programmable thermostat but I am stuck on whether to use a convection or liquid filled model? My house is baseboard with water but it would cost a lot more to include the breezeway onto the houses current system so I need a stand alone system to heat the breezeway. The liquid filled people claim energy savings and a more constant heat. The liquid filled baseboard heaters are $140 compared to $45 for a regular convection type. Any ideas or comments would be useful as I don't want to spend the extra $100 if it isn't worth it. I live in New England. A lot of the time I leave the kitchen door from the house open to the breezeway so the heat leaves the house and somewhat heats the room. The breezeway is well insulated with new insulated windows and doors. When I use the room and close the kitchen door (used as a TV room), that is when it gets chilly in there. Thank you.