I have lived in my home for seven years. The heat pump does a wonderful job cooling the house during the summer--even with temperatures of over 100 degrees. However, it seems as though it struggles to keep the house warm during the winter months. The blue auxiliary heat light stays on most of the time that the heat is on and it runs continuously if the temperature is below 35 degrees outside. Once the temperature falls below 25, the inside temperature also begins to drop. I can manually turn on the emergency heat and the inside temperature quickly returns to a balmy 70 degrees. I have noticed that the blue auxiliary light is on, even on a warm day--when the temperature is over 60 degrees outside. Needless to say, the heating bills are three to four times the amount of the air conditioning bills. I have also noticed that there is cold air coming out of the vents--even with the blue light on. I've been told that the builder did not install an adequately sized heat pump for a two story house--although it works fine in the summer. Could it be that the auxiliary heat is just not working--that power is going to the heating coils, but that they are not heating? It would seem to me that the auxiliary heat should only be aiding the heat pump, but it seems as though it is not doing very much, forcing the heat pump to work continuously. Thanks.