I recently purchased a town home. 3 levels-1 garage -built in 1991. The basement is cold, but the second floor is cooler than the basement. The third level (where the bedrooms are located) is so hot that I open up a window. We noticed that the vents in the basement and one vent in the master bedroom had tape over them. I'm not sure if previous owners were trying to redistribute heat to the second floor. I checked the vents on the second floor to make sure that they were working and they are. I have vents on the wall and floor. I have one thermostat located on second floor. I change my filters as needed. I also have central air. The central air fan is located outside in the yard. It stopped working last summer. Not sure if this problem is related to my heating issue though. I'm really strapped for money and have no idea about heating and cooling, furnaces, etc. What can you suggest for the heating issue?