Dear All,

I woke up this morning on my annual leave (typical) with deafness/muffled hearing to my right ear.
I do not have any other symptons, although throughout the day I have felt a little sicky at times, but not sure if this is linked.

I usually keep very well.

I have just completed a course of ketoconizole for THRUSH and do not take any regular meds. This was due to taking antibiotics, my immunity does not like them!

I do listen to music via headphones most days and use ear plugs at night as my partner snores.

When I lie down with this hearing problem, there is a type of ringing in my ear.

I swan very much as a child I am 28 now and suffered ear infections. The last one I had was 4 years ago after a plane journey.

Last night I went to a football match and stood out in the rain and wind.

I have no fever, headache or ear ache. I tried a decongestant and paracetamol just in case it may help but nothing!

I have no history of EARWAX problems (but does the ear plugs encorage this? )

If I have the TV too loud it feels strange and when my partner talks I have to ask him to be quiet as it seems to me even more muffled the louder it is and is uncomfortable.:mad:

I hope this information will help you guys give me some advice.

I start a new job Monday and feeling a little frustrated and low over this.