Hello and thank you in advance to any help,

2 weeks ago I woke up with muffled hearing. I took some Sudafed and cleaned my ears with Similsan ear cleaning drops. The problem got better but then came back. I saw a doctor. She checked my ears. No wax and my inner ear color was good so likely no infection, she sent me home. The problem seems to come and go so I haven't made a big deal. I will soon be a teacher and today in my field classroom I could not hear the children really well. I am worried now. It feels sort of like when you are on an airplane and all you hear is white noise and it is difficult to hear other things. Maybe congestion due to seasonal allergies? Anything else? I am worried I may be slowly losing my hearing or going deaf. Help please. I have a referral to see an ENT but I may not get in for a week or more and I am feeling a little anxious.