I'm 21 years old and 4 days ago I broke my foot. I put off going to the doctors because I don't have insurance but my mom yesterday finally convinced me that I needed to go so I went to see a Doctor and did a "cash account" with him to x-ray my foot he said it was broken and I might need surgery but I have to go to a different doctor (a surgeon) to see if I in fact need the surgery.

For him to tell me that cost $320.00 which I had to pay right then and there so noe I have $0.00 to my name. I know I need to go to the Doctors but I can't afford it and I have no money. My boyfriend has offered to get me insurance so that I can see a doctor for cheaper/copay but I'm worried that my insurance will find out that I did it 4 days ago and not cover me... any suggestions?