I have been married to my wife for a year and it has been horrible. She has turned into someone I do not even know. She has tried to commit auto insurance fraud but that was unsuccessful. Now a friend of hers has told me the health insurance she is currently on and has been on even before we were married she is on frauduently, she renewed her policy and put false statements such as she was single and only makes very little money. I now know why she never changed her last name to mine. On her insurance, which is keystone health plan east adult basic, you can only make $34,000 or less with a family of three and we make a lot more than that. When I told her to cacel her policy so she did not get in trouble she told me to go to hell. I cannot live with a liar anymore for that it is not the way I live my life and she must be stopped, fraud is a very serious crime and my marriage has died over this. Should I call the company and report this(I do want to because it is the right thing to do, she made her bed and she has to lie in it). I will send them a copy of our tax return and marriage certificate. What should I do? Her dishonesty is making me very un comfortable. Is this fraud?